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Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl says 'Studio 666' "snowballed" from original idea


With Foo Fighters’ new film Studio 666 set to hit cinemas this Friday (February 25th), there’s a whole lot of excitement floating around. Speaking on Australian’s breakfast radio show Fitzy and Wippa, Dave Grohl and the gang opened up about the development of the film, revealing that it started life as a “low budget slasher” and “snowballed” into a full feature film.

Revealing the origins of Studio 666, Dave Grohl explained: “Years ago, like three years ago, I have a friend that works in the [film] industry. And he went to some meeting, and he came out of the meeting and texted me said I was just in a meeting. And these people want to make a horror film with the Foo Fighters. And I texted him back. I’m like, That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard in my life. There’s no way we’d ever do. It’s totally ridiculous. Why would we do something so dumb?”

Grohl put the idea for bed until Foo Fighters rented a house to write and record their new album: “And while we were in there, sort of demoing and working on the music, I thought, wait a second, we have the house. We might like finished making the record, because we made the record in the house that let you see the movie. Once we’re done with the record. We’ll just take a couple of weeks off and then make this low budget really quick slasher film. And then it just kind of snowballed into a full length feature.”

Grohl also opened up about some of the key influences behind the upcoming horror film, explaining that they wanted to capture the B-movie charm of early horror cinema.” I think it kind of references a lot of the classics,” Grohl began. “You know, like there’s it’s sort of referential all throughout not just the like old horror movies, but like all the like heavy metal and punk rock stuff that we grew up with, too. I think it’s all kind of in the mix.”

Studio 666 has demonstrated that Foo Fighters are capable of jumping between mediums as well as genres. They’ve even got plans to make another film after Studio 666: “We have some ideas, they began. Could be sci-fi, could be rom-com. Yeah, it could be an adventure. Could be animated. I mean, this is the thing about the Foo Fighters. We are shapeshifters, okay, we can bounce from medium to medium genre to genre. There’s nothing we can’t do. Wow, there it is.”

Well, we look forward to finding out what Foo Fighters have in store for us next.