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(Credit: YouTube)


Steve Vai discusses the new Foo Fighters horror movie ‘Studio 666’

Foo Fighters fans couldn’t believe that the band is actually going ahead with their plan of releasing a horror film when it was first announced by Dave Grohl. However, the project is definitely a reality now as the film has already had its premiere screening and will soon be released in American theatres later this month.

Grohl has been involved in other cinematic projects such as well-received music documentaries but he conceptualised this horror comedy as a natural follow-up to his previous work. It is the first non-documentary work released by the band and will chronicle the band’s fight against supernatural forces in a strange mansion.

The Foo Fighters band members will play a starring role in the project but another interesting addition to Studio 666 is Steve Vai who attended the recent screening and described the film as “off the charts gory and funny”. Vai is also a part of the project, more specifically his hands are featured in a memorable scene where he is engaged in shredding a guitar.

While talking about his involvement, Vai wrote on Twitter: “There’s this one scene where Dave is trying to explain to the band what he wanted them to play, but he is half out of his mind and starts wailing wildly. Dave doesn’t actually shred as a guitar player, and I actually live a 3 minute walk from where they were filming.”

The guitarist claimed that it happened out of the blue when Grohl called him up to be a part of Studio 666: “So Dave called me and asked if they could shoot my hands and shredding for the scene. It was a glorious blast of demonic shred pleasure and when I saw it in the theatre, I had to throw my head back and laugh out loud.”

Watch the new trailer for Studio 666 below.