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Dave Grohl to feature on new Queens of the Stone Age album

Dave Grohl will make an appearance on the new forthcoming album from Queens of the Stone Age, it has been confirmed.

Josh Homme and the band are working on the follow-up to 2017 album Villains, a record which will mark their eight as a band. Pulling out all the stops, the band have recruited former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman to add some contributions to the album. On top of that, Homme has asked ZZ Top’s very own Billy Gibbons to also collaborate on the record.

“Just one month ago I was making a record with Queens of the Stone Age,” Gibbons told EonMusic. “Dave Grohl was also taking part and he decided to have a big barbecue. So there was this interesting gathering. So, we spent one hour telling stories, great stories remembering these lovely guys.”

Detailing Homme’s working patterns, Gibbons explain how they traveled into the desert where they worked with a mysterious box on new sounds: “We had gone to the desert to work on just a couple of tracks, and I was outside, and Josh came out of the studio, and he had this box, and it was making some strange noise, and I said, ‘hey, what is that’, and he goes; ‘I don’t know, I just found it’.” Running inside, Homme shouted; “Don’t touch a thing; we’re going to use it for the song!” So that’s how it started.”

Finally, Gibbons have Queens of the Stone Age fans the news they’ve been waiting for: “He’s completed it. I think that he said he wants to put it out Halloween. It’ll be good.”