Watch Rare footage of Dave Grohl’s first performance with Nirvana, 1990

In the latter part of 1990, with the leaves turning brown, there was another relationship on the wane. The band known as Fecal Matter (who would later become Nirvana) were growing tired of their drummer Chad Channing, with his ability to smash through a set becoming an issue, eventually removing the drummer form his position. Enter Dave Grohl.

The young Grohl was on the hunt for a new venture after his band Scream, a group of hardcore punk from the Washington D.C. scene, had disbanded. With the help of Melvin’s frontman Buzz Osbourne introducing Grohl to Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic and a short audition, Nirvana as we know it was born.

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Only days later Grohl would find himself behind one of the most important drum kits of his life, as the man with the sticks, he crashed through a set with Nirvana at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia, Washington.

The performance was not a short set as the band crashed through 20 tracks, 5 of which were covers, including Devo, Wipers, Shocking Blue and other, the latter’s ‘Love Buzz’ going on to feature on the band’s debut LP Bleach.

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The footage is a flash of the brilliance the band was about to achieve. They were not only going to change a 21-year-old Dave Grohl’s life, but countless others across the globe. From their inception until present day Nirvana are still regarded as one of the pillars upon which modern rock is based.

Take in how it all started below.

(Via: Rolling Stone)


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