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Watch Dave Grohl's daughter, Violet, joins Foo Fighters on stage at Leeds Festival

Violet Grohl, the daughter of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, joined her father on stage at Leeds Festival for a rendition of ‘My Hero’.

Grohl, who earlier in the show joined in the fun with his drummer Taylor Hawkins by calling for an Oasis comeback, performed a rousing headline set at Leeds on the Friday night main stage.

Rounding off the performance, Grohl paused to introduce a new member of the band: “This has been a special trip for me because on this trip we have a new Foo Fighter in the band with us,” he said when speaking to the huge crowd.

“Let me tell you something—she is the best fucking singer I know! Ladies and gentlemen, the best singer in the Grohl family: Miss Violet Grohl right now, right here!” he added.

See the family friendly performance, below: