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Dave Grohl discusses Foo Fighters’ success: “I didn’t want to get stuck in that place where I was when Nirvana ended”

Dave Grohl has been discussing why he believes Foo Fighters have enjoyed so much success.

The band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1994, and came off the off the back of severe heartbreak when the dissolution of Nirvana followed the suicide of Kurt Cobain. While Grohl is never shy when it comes to discussing the sources of his musical inspiration, he also rarely divulges insight into the detailed process of his projects. One thing is for sure, however, Nirvana and Cobain are always lingering in his thought process.

Having recently rekindled Nirvana for a one-off show, and discussing the gut-wrenching effect of Cobain’s suicide on his own thinking, Grohl again referenced his former band for a potential reason why Foo Fighters have managed to remain at the top of festival billings year after year.

“After that first [Foo Fighters] record we thought, ‘Ok, well, let’s make one more”, and some of us were backpacking through Europe and we spent our life doing it but you gotta do it at least once, so we thought, ‘Ok, let’s do it again. This time, we’ll get an established producer and we’ll really work on it because the first one was just me, five days in the studio,” Grohl said in a new interview with Esquire. 

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“So the ball kinda just kept rolling and it was a nice way to feel like life had direction and that there were things to look forward to, because I didn’t want to get stuck in that place where I was when Nirvana ended.”

He added: “I never, ever thought we would be in the place that we are in now. I mean, anyone that would imagined that happening is just fucking insane. If someone were to tell me we would be where we are now I would tell them they are wrong, that there’s no way that’s possible”

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