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(Credit: YouTube)


Dave Grohl covers Amy Winehouse song 'Take the Box' with his daughter

One of the more strangely heartwarming stories told by Dave Grohl in his memoir The Storyteller involves hearing his young daughter Violet belt out the words to Amy Winehouse’s ‘Take the Box’ from her jazzy debut LP Frank. In Grohl’s words, the tyke had perfect pitch and an amazing tone, which is exactly what a father should say about their kid if they bring them up in a public forum.

Well, just in case anyone thought Grohl was lying to us, he proved that his daughter does actually have really good vocals skills when it comes to taking on a Winehouse song all these years later. That comes courtesy of Day Five of ‘The Hanukkah Sessions’ where Grohl and producer Greg Kurstin take on a famous Jewish musician’s work. The more out there the better for this series, and now Grohl has brought Violet in to share the fun.

This isn’t the first time Grohl has shared the stage with Violet: his daughter joined him onstage at Lollapalooza earlier this year to take on legendary punk rockers X and their song ‘Nausea’. Grohl then doubled down and released a studio version with Violent once again taking on lead vocals. Violet had previously sung lead during the band’s version of ‘My Hero’ at the Leeds Festival back in 2019.

That makes Violet a seasoned pro at this point, and her take on Winehouse is both remarkably soulful and surprisingly accurate to the husky tones of the original. If this were just a case of a rock star engaging in some classic nepotism then it would all be well and good, but Violet Grohl sings ‘Take the Box’ like she’s had her own world-ending breakup. Who hurt you, Violet?

It’s also wild to see Dave Grohl, the modern-day incarnation of John Bonham, quietly tap along to a slow-burning jazz number. By his own admission, playing quietly never exactly came naturally to Grohl. But when it comes to his daughter, he goes to great lengths not to overpower her.

One question though: who are those other people singing backup? Are those Kurstin’s kids? Violet’s friends from school? Can I call them kids if they might actually be the same age as me? I’m pretty sure they’re kids. Violet’s only, what, like 15? They’ve gotta be kids. Either way, they all sound great, but the mystery continues.

Check out the cover of ‘Take the Box’ down below.