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Dave Davies stays "optimistic" about Kinks reunion


Back in 2018, Ray and Dave Davies, the central siblings that make up the core of the legendary British rock band The Kinks, announced that they were reforming the band and working on a new studio album. For two of the most volatile brothers in music history, it was nothing short of a miracle.

The pair even announced that they were getting drummer Mick Avory, who played with the brothers for over 20 years, back on board as well. It started to sound like The Kinks weren’t just going to do a few press photos and a one-off concert – it sounded like a full-fledged reunion was in the works.

And then… nothing. Well, almost nothing: the Davies brothers have stopped taking digs at each other in the press and even shared a Christmas Day pint together in 2020. But in terms of The Kinks and the potential reunion, there’s been precious little forward progress in the nearly half-decade since the Davies’ mended fences. Ray confirmed to The New York Times in 2020 that he was still game, and Dave returned the favour during an interview with The Washington Post in 2021.

This week, Dave Davies released his memoir Living on a Thin Line, which recounts some of his wildest exploits throughout his six decades in music. The book also has some interesting insights into his relationship with his brother, both back when The Kinks were one of the biggest bands in the world and now.

While discussing the book with The Independent, Davies was asked about those Kinks reunion plans and whether he believes they will still happen.“I hope so! I do,” Davies shared. “Ray and I have spoken about it – it’s possible!”

Davies seemingly confirmed that actually going forward with the regrouping of the band depends on how he and Ray are getting on at any given point. According to Dave, the two are in a good place right now. “We get on okay,” Davies added. “We talk about football! We’re born-and-bred Arsenal fans… So, yeah, I’m optimistic about the future.”

No telling on which future he’s optimistic about: his own, The Kinks’, or maybe even Arsenal’s. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed that the Davies brothers’ relationship doesn’t deteriorate in the next couple of years so that we can finally get one more blast of ‘You Really Got Me’.