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(Credit: Dama Scout)


Dama Scout share new song 'Dan Dan Bub'

Dama Scout - 'Dan Dan Bub'

UK art-rockers Dama Scout have returned with a brand new single, ‘Dan Dan Bub’.

Dama Scout can alternate between experimental, melodic, and even quite scary, unafraid to drop in unsettling tones and distorted lines into their arrangements. But ‘Dan Dan Bub’ is a relatively peaceful affair, lying somewhere between the funky tootling of acid jazz and the blissful ambience of bedroom pop.

“’Dan Dan Bub’ is the raw tingling of a first trip outside after turning inside out,” the band explain. “It’s a drift down a river of hands, high fives and punches to the face, flipping you upside down like a woodlouse in a frying pan. It’s an itch that scratches itself. The video is like an interview with a self-portrait. It turns the gaze inwards exposing brittle foundations, and as the ideal-self rots away a bulbous overlord leads us in a mesmeric ritual dance.”

This song has everything you could ever want: a hypnotic groove, calming synth pads, a lo-fi fade-out/fade-in fake out, and even saxophone! Now that’s some top-notch arrangement. ‘Dan Dan Bub’ is so strange and esoteric that it’s hard to get a solid grasp on what the band are really going for, but it’s captivating in ways that aren’t afraid to get weird. ‘Dan Dan Bub’ is actually closer to Black Midi on Xanax than anything else, but it’s quite alluring all the same.

‘Dan Dan Bub’ signals a return for the band, whose last single ‘Milky Milk’ came out all the way back in 2018. Dama Scout are a band perfectly suited for the surrealism that took over all of our lives during the pandemic, so it’s nice to see them return to being another level of strangeness to this already strange world. Hopefully, this means that more material is on the way, but Dama Scout always preferred to work at their uniquely languid pace, so patience might be necessary.

Check out the video for ‘Dan Dan Bub’ down below.