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Dama Scout share new track 'Milky Milk'

Dama Scout released their brilliant self-titled EP last year to wide acclaim. The band have now given us a taste of what’s to come on the new track ‘Milky Milk’ and they’ve given a fairly in-depth account of what it’s all about.

The track begins life as a quiet and empathetic tune, moving slowly and meekly until it is built, brick by riffing brick to become a monument of the band’s potential. A fuzzy and scathing attack on the ears the distorted riffs are built on until we reach a fitting climax.

Speaking of the track the band said “Milky Milk is a song about making the most of fleeting happiness and accepting its irregularity. We move from the intimacy of Eva’s voice into noisy sections whilst keeping the arrangement simple and live with few overdubs. Instead of a vocal chorus we chose to play a straightforward major scale in unison washed in doom and sludge”.

They continued: “We wanted an elastic performance, building tension through the push and pull of dynamics and tempo – culminating in the euphoric end section that hopefully comes as a relief. When we put the song together we’d been listening to a mixture of Dave Okumu, Can, Francois Hardy and Earth”.

Take a listen below.

Milky Milk by Dama Scout