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Is this the most disgraceful interview Anthony Kiedis has ever given?

No one would ever accuse the Red Hot Chili Peppers of being reserved in their sexual nature. Whether it’s lyrically in songs like ‘Suck My Kiss’ or through their recollections in memoirs such as Anthony Kiedis’ Scar Tissue, the Chili Peppers cultivated an infamous reputation for carnal desire and lecherous, perhaps, perverted ideals. To some, this was just an image, but for others, it was more than just a pose.

Whilst being in a successful band in the 1990s was much like it was in the ’60s, with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll the name of the game, these days, when we look back on those heady times, we’re left cringing. As for Anthony Kiedis, many rumours abound about possible sexual assaults, but that is a morass we wish not to wade into today.

You cannot get around the fact that the ’90s was a completely different time, a decade when many incidents were let slide that shouldn’t have done. Furthermore, male musicians were allowed to get away with unacceptable behaviour due to their status and because record labels have a long history of being scared to say ‘no’ to their stars. 

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There are many weird instances of musicians being leches, and it’s not confined to just the ’90s. It happened unchecked long before and has continued to happen to this very day. However, the only difference between now and then is accountability. People, and thankfully, women, are not afraid to call out men for their unsavoury behaviour, and it’s been a long time coming. Things are changing for the better.

This has meant that we’ve been left with numerous moments where some of our best-loved musicians have been let down by past actions. Discussing the Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman, one of his most absurd came in 1991. We’re unsure what channel it was on exactly, but the female presenter’s reaction to his advances makes the stomach churn. 

In the middle of a question, Kiedis leans into the presenter’s face to try and give her “a little kiss”, as she tells him to “back off, baby” and says no at least four times. She looks incredibly uncomfortable as he leans in and kisses her and continues to do so after Kiedis is back in his seat, as she strives to save the interview from falling flat on its face. Kiedis calmly explains afterwards: “She told me before the interview that if I didn’t kiss her, she would not come and see us play tonight.”

Even if the presenter did ask Kiedis to kiss her, it still makes for pretty cringe-inducing watching. There’s a line, and it seems as if, on this occasion, Kiedis crossed it. Her reaction says it all. 

Watch the bizarre clip below. A word of warning, it may be triggering for some readers.