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(Credit: Mia Mala McDonald)


Courtney Barnett discusses her friendships on single ‘Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To’

Melbourne’s heroine number one, Courtney Barnett, has released a stellar new track. Entitled ‘Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To’, the song sees Barnett do what she does best with an introspective, melodic piece of rock ‘n’ roll, it is drenched with the sun of Victoria.

Barnett’s latest track has only added to the excitement that is building for her upcoming album Things Take Time, Take Time. The song follows her previous singles, the magnificent ‘Rae Street’ and ‘Before You Gotta Go’. Her latest record is due on November 12 and will be released via Marathon Artists.

The lyrics are brilliant. Featuring that rebellious type of sarcastic humour Barnett exudes, a portion of them read: “Sit beside me, watch the world burn / We’ll never learn we don’t deserve nice things / And we’ll scream self-righteously / We did our best, but what does that even mean?”.

Barnett has been quick to discuss the impact of the pandemic on her life and writing process. Of her latest offering, she discussed how the state the world finds itself in inspired her friendships to be taken to the next level.

She said of the track: “I found a deeper communication with people in my life – deeper conversations. And a new level of gratitude for friendships that had been there for so long that I had maybe taken for granted.”

The statement came as Barnett publicly acknowledged the similarities that have been drawn between her music video for ‘Before You Gotta Go’ and Melbourne peers Quivers’ video for ‘You’re Not Always On My Mind’. 

On her socials, Barnett even promoted the Quivers video. She explained: “I thought I had come up with a beautiful, original idea for a video, but it seems like I was wrong.”

“I’d like to introduce you to Melbourne band (Quivers) and director (Nina Renee) who had the same idea way before me,” she continued. “Any similarities are completely coincidental and if I had seen this clip when I was making mine I would have completely changed my concept or the way we explored it.”

Not only is she a brilliant musician, but it seems as if Barnett is a brilliant human being as well. Like everyone else, we’re hotly anticipating the release of Things Take Time, Take Time. As the singles would have you believe, it’s sure to be a thrill.

Watch the video for ‘Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To’ below.