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(Credit: Mia Mala McDonald)


Courtney Barnett speaks out about plagiarism rumours for ‘Before You Gotta Go’ video


Last week saw Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett reveal the music video for her latest single ‘Before You Gotta Go’. Subsequently, however, the video found itself mired in controversy after striking similarities were spotted by eagle-eyed fans of the Melbourne band Quivers’ and their video for ‘You’re Not Always On My Mind’.

In both of the videos, the artist can be seen heading out to various beauty spots of Australia with field recording equipment, and even the lyrical content of the songs themselves seem similar. 

Quivers’ video directed by Nina Renee predates Barnett’s release, directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dallimore, by almost a year and a half.

Barnett took to social media to remark: “I thought I had come up with a beautiful, original idea for a video, but it seems like I was wrong”.

“I’d like to introduce you to Melbourne band [Quivers] and director [Nina Renee] who had the same idea way before me,” she wrote.

Concluding her message by saying: “Any similarities are completely coincidental and if I had seen this clip when I was making mine I would have completely changed my concept or the way we explored it.”

While Quivers themselves acknowledge Barnett’s admission by writing: “We want to thank Courtney Barnett for acknowledging the similarities between her clip and this one by Nina Renee for ‘You’re Not Always On My Mind’.”

Furthermore, the description of the YouTube upload for Barnett’s video also now reflects the similarities, stating: “The resemblance is uncanny, but it’s entirely coincedental [sic]. We respect and admire Quivers and Nina Renee and we appreciate them reaching out and having the conversation with us.”

While the comparisons are certainly striking, it would seem that they are akin to divergent evolution in nature whereby similar stimuli produce similar results independently. After all, it would be wild for Barnett to rip off a video that was less than two years old from heralding from the same music scene that she is part of. 

The whole thing has certainly got more eyes on Quivers so all is well that ends well. You can check out both videos below and see for yourself.