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Cocteau Twins' Liz Fraser releases first new music in over a decade


Back in 2009, former Cocteau Twins lead singer Liz Fraser released the solo single ‘Moses’, only her second-ever solo release after the 2000 song ‘Underwater’. Recorded with her partner, former Spiritualized drummer and co-collaborator with Massive Attack Damon Reece, the song was a tribute to musician and close friend Jake Drake-Brockman, who also played on the track.

Fraser hasn’t put out music of any kind in the 13 years since, but that ends today as the singer has announced a new music project with Reece entitled Sun’s Signature. The band’s first EP was announced back in February, and today we’re finally hearing the first song off the release with the new track ‘Golden Air’.

Even though she’s been reticent to release music under her own name, Fraser has been busy collaborating with other artists in the time between Cocteau Twins’ demise in 1996 and the new current-day project. More recently, Fraser was featured on the remix of Oneohtrix Point Never’s ‘Tales from the Trash Stratum’.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Golden Air’ is a spacey track that plays off of Fraser’s high, wispy vocals. Surprisingly devoid of spiralling sound effects or layers of sonic experimentation, ‘Golden Air’ is pastoral and folky in a way that Frazer’s music only occasionally has been in the past. With galloping drums and a busy bassline, ‘Golden Air’ is a welcome return for Fraser, even if it is a bit of a hesitant step back into the limelight.

Check out the audio for ‘Golden Air’ down below. The Sun’s Signature EP is set for a June 18th release.