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Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins joins Oneohtrix Point Never on new rework


Elizabeth Fraser, formerly of the Scottish pioneering dream-pop post-punk band Cocteau Twins, has joined the electronic producer Oneohtrix Point Never for a reworking of ‘Tales From the Trash Stratum’ for a new expanded edition of the Magic Oneohtrix Point Never LP. 

The remix takes the original heavy glitching dance in an altogether more ethereal direction befitting of the work of the Cocteau Twins themselves. With strings and synths, the pair whisk up an ambience very similar to the work of the Scottish outfit. 

For those who perhaps aren’t familiar with Elizabeth Fraser’s early work, she foraged out a dreamy niche with Cocteau Twins in the 1980s and transformed the glossy synths of the era into something more unique, offering layered vocals over the top of them. For more information, you can even read our ultimate beginners guide by clicking here

This latest effort will be released as part of a brand-new Blu-ray edition of the producer’s ninth studio album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, which is due to arrive in October.

This special edition release will also feature new remixes of ‘Nothing’s Special’ featuring Rosalía and A.G. Cook and Forced Smile will offer up two different versions of ‘Lost But Never Alone’.

You can check out the latest incarnation ‘Tales From the Trash Stratum’ below.