Coachella Festival linked to major spike in herpes breakout


Amid a swarm of celebrities, social media influencers and the occasional live act without lip-syncing, Coachella Festival has been spreading more than joy and fun vibes.

The festival, which has become one of the world’s largest music events, also managed to people feeling a little fruity in the sun. According to TMZ, the website HerpAlert has recorded a major spike in the number of people seeking assistance and treatment after and during the festival which has stretched across two-weekends.

The website, which allows users to personally upload images of their issues, then recruits medical professionals to assess the symptoms which, in most cases, results in prescriptions being forwarded on to the nearest pharmacy.

Speaking to TMZ, HerpAlert has confirmed that the site normally receives around 12 cases a day in the Southern California area. However, when Coachella arrived to the area, the site saw a massive spike up to 250 during the first two days alone.

Detailing further, the site confirmed that 1,105 cases have been reported in Indio, Palm Desert and Coachella Valley area during the course of the festival.