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Watch highlights from Mac DeMarco's Coachella 2019 performance

Mac DeMarco rolled out an emphatic performance as part of his major show at Coachella Festival 2019.

DeMarco, pleasing the crowd with some well-known fan favourites from his extensive back catalogue, blended his setlist with some new material from his forthcoming new album Here Comes the Cowboy.

The King of Chill, the Prince of Memes and the most millennial artist you’re ever likely to drop a Viceroy on, Mac DeMarco has announced his return. The new album arrives as a follow-up to 2017’s This Old Dog, which although divided fans, did offer us a glimpse into the heart and soul of DeMarco who has long been tarnished with the same schtick we tarnished him with moments ago. Judging by the latest cut ‘Nobody’ this album could see an expansion of this teme and Mac continue to pour out his heart over lo-fi guitar jams. 

Mac said of the album: “This one is my cowboy record, Cowboy is a term of endearment to me, I use it often when referring to people in my life. Where I grew up there are many people that sincerely wear cowboy hats and do cowboy activities. These aren’t the people I’m referring to.”

While DeMarco did perform ‘Nobody’ live, he also rolled out new number ‘All Of Our Yesterdays’ alongside all our favourite hits. Check it out below and see the full setlist.


Mac Demarco Coachella Festival 2019 setlist

Here Comes the Cowboy
Salad Days
Ode to Viceroy
Choo Choo
On the Level
The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
Finally Alone
My Kind of Woman
Freaking Out the Neighborhood
All of Our Yesterdays
Chamber of Reflection

View some clips of his performance, below: