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(Credit: Mac DeMarco)

Mitski responds to claims Mac DeMarco copied her

Mitski has been forced to address claims Mac DeMarco has copied her after similarities to their album and single names.

The issue has arisen after DeMarco announced the plans to release his fourth studio album, Here Comes The Cowboy, which drops in May and arrives as a follow-up to 2017’s This Old Dog.

However, upon its release, fans immediately drew comparison to Mitski’s album Be the Cowboy. Despite the similarities, a representative for DeMarco told Pitchfork that he had never listened to Mitski’s record before the comparisons had been made.

On top of that, DeMarco’s new single ‘Nobody’ is the exact same name as a Mitski song.

Despite constant and obvious comparisons, Mitski took to social media to dampen the controversy: “I’m 100% sure mac & I just went fishing in the same part of the collective unconscious!” she tweeted. “What’s wild is we have the same PR, so I LOVE my personal conspiracy theory that she heard the album+track titles but kept quiet thinking maybe some Mac fans will mistakenly find me loll.”

She then thanked DeMarco “for the laugh” and wished him a “happy release!”

Later, she added, “my god, why is everyone mad? i’m laughing!”