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Angry Beyoncé fan throws a lemon at Ariana Grande during Coachella performance


A angry and somewhat bizarre Beyoncé fan threw a lemon at Ariana Grande while she was performing at Coachella Festival.

Grande, headlining the Californian festival on Sunday, was in the middle of performing a combination of ‘Right There’ and ‘Break Your Heart Right Back’ when she got a citrus surprise.

Moving to a different side of the stage, the yellow fruit assassin took aim and unloaded a direct hit. Thankfully for Grande, the lemon missed her head but it did bounce off her chest.

The popstar, being the ultimate professional, didn’t miss a beat during the incident and continued on as if nothing happened. She did, however, address the crowd after the song ended, saying: “That’s ’cause one of ya’ll threw a lemon at me, shit,” with surprise.

The lemon’s significance, of course, is thought to be related to Beyoncé’s most recent album Lemonade which was released back in 2016 and is back in the headlines after finally making its way to major streaming services.

Here’s the incident: