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Why Childish Gambino is one of Billie Eilish's "all-time favourite creators"


Billie Eilish is a record-breaker who climbed to the mountain top of the musical landscape as a teenager and has plans to maintain her place for decades. Eilish’s musical upbringing was eclectic, and Childish Gambino played a crucial role in soundtracking her teenage years.

The Gen-Z superstar first began to gain mainstream attention in 2018 with the release of ‘Bury A Friend’, and since then, her star has continued to rise meteorically. Although some were initially sceptical about her ability to break into the mainstream, Eilish has proved her doubters wrong and verified herself to be the archetypal modern pop star.

Like her hero Donald Glover, Eilish isn’t an artist that you can pigeonhole into a specific box. He’s the master of all trades, and arguably, there isn’t a more versatile person in the entertainment industry than the Childish Gambino rapper.

The artist Billie Eilish called a “god”

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Glover first caught attention as a writer on the sitcom 30 Rock while making music on the side as a hobby. Since that moment, he’s moved on to become an acclaimed musician as Childish Gambino and a Golden Globe winner for his work on Atlanta. With an innate ability to transfer his skills across multiple mediums, Glover has been a constant source of inspiration for Eilish and her brother/creative partner, Finneas. To show their appreciation, the songwriting pair took over Apple Music for a radio show in 2020 and played the songs that meant the most to them, including ‘Bonfire’ from Gambino’s debut album, Camp.

“This is from the album I think both me and Finneas found Donald Glover through. Incredible album,” Eilish told listeners. “The first song I heard ever from him, and was actually I think the first song I heard that was like rap, was ‘Heartbeat’ from this album.”

She continued: “From then on, everybody knows that Donald Glover is like… one of my all-time favourite creators. He’s exactly everything that I idolise about a creator. He’s every single element of what I think is amazing.”

Meanwhile, during a conversation with Noisey in 2019, Eilish was asked to pick between Eminem, Drake and Childish Gambino — which proved to be a straightforward question for the singer. “I’d have to say Childish Gambino, one billion per cent,” she responded. “Childish Gambino created me dude, I don’t even know. That’s a god, you can’t even put him in a list with other people.”

Over the last decade, Donald Glover has proved himself to be one of the most dynamic artists and somebody whose influence is sprinkled throughout the musical landscape, as Eilish’s comments confirm.

Listen to the song which made Eilish fall in love with hip-hop below.