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Credit: YouTube


Childish Gambino officially releases his new album '3.15.20'


Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, cheered everyone up over last weekend when he surprise-released a new album called 3.15.20 but now he’s let it go properly.

The new record arrived last week and was subsequently pulled from the airwaves. Perhaps as a taster or perhaps as a way of distracting audiences form their self-isolation, Glover released the album without warning on a website called

As you might expect, the album isn’t a regular cut. All the song names are time stamps and it makes reviewing a little bit difficult. But from first listen those reviews are going to be positive as Glover once again finds his rhythm.

As well as some odd song titles, Glover has also included some not-so-odd features on the record. Guests include Ariana Grande, 21 Savage and Glover’s song Legend.

A single-track version of the album is streaming on platforms under the artist name Donald Glover Presents. The album also has found its way back home to for a limited time, as it encourages people to listen together.

The differing releases all come with their own unique easter eggs so it’s worth hanging around and finding out all the answers on Childish Gambino’s latest album 3.15.20