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Car Seat Headrest share new song 'Stop Lying To Me' as part of new documentary


As part of the brand new documentary focusing on Will Toledo’s band Car Seat Headrest, the group have shared the first performance of new song ‘Stop Lying To Me’. You can watch the clip below via Tidal.

Having released their live album Commit Yourself Completely just last month, it appears the band have a lot more to come in 2019. One such venture is the band’s ongoing documentary titled ‘I Haven’t Done Shit This Year’ which is beinf made in partnership with Tidal.

Car Seat Headrest share their Smash Mouth cover

The streaming service is backing the film which take a deeper look into the band’s recording process. The short film follows the creative arc of completing a new song. From the early rehearsals and sketching of ideas through to the recording studio.

The track in question is the brilliant ‘Stop Lying to Me’ which has a whole heap of power to it. It moves the band away from the idiosyncratic and introverted style of the previous LP Twin Fantasy, which was Toledo revisiting old songs with a new spin, and instead sees the band take on a more math-rock point of view.

In an interview, Will Toledo says of the song, “I think the plan is for it to be on the next record, but it really is still a work in progress.” We should hope so as it’s an absolute banger.

Watch the clip below.