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Listen: 'Twin Fantasy' - Car Seat Headrest

'Twin Fantasy' - Car Seat Headrest

When Will Toledo, lead singer and artists behind Car Seat Headrest, was 19 he wrote and recorded an album. The album titled Twin Fantasy was a Bandcamp masterpiece, it was what Brian Eno describes as “the sound of failure”, an experiment pursued but never truly finished and finalised.

So what has Toledo done? He’s re-imagined and re-recorded it for all his fans who’ve loved it and for all those fans yet to meet it. It’s intelligent, self-indulgent, interesting but above all else it is a step nobody expected Will Toledo and his band to make.

Re-creating an album, not only aligns himself with his ‘day-ones’ but also highlights his ability beyond what the mainstream knew. The boy was prodigal. A simple foot step can sometimes feel like a giant leap, ask Neil Armstrong.

And now you can stream the entirety of the album including brilliant cuts ‘Cute Thing’ and ‘Beach Life In Death’. The album hinges on the juxtaposition of these two tracks. One; a meandering wander through adolescent anxiety and the other a hormonal hump-athon. These two themes continue to battle through a young Toledo’s work, as one imagine it did during the original recording.

That’s how it appears to the audience. Fully prepared with all it’s raging hormones the album skips genres, tempos, and textures to reach some kind of climax to befit an awkward and engaging adolescent.

But during the ride we are reminded, not only that Will Toledo was wise beyond his years, not only that re-recordings aren’t always terrible, but that “the sound of failure” can sometimes just be the starting gun.