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Car Seat Headrest share their Smash Mouth cover


Last week something beautiful came to fruition. Following a certain kind of bromance, the two bands connected after Smash Mouth proclaimed their love for CSH on twitter. The bands were then later egged on to collaborate. And they did.

Last week, Car Seat Headrest and Smash Mouth premiered their respective covers of each other’s work on SiriusXMU. Smash Mouth did a rendition of the Teens of Style track ‘Something Soon,’ while CSH took on ‘Fallen Horses’ from 1999’s Astro Lounge.


Now CSH have shared their version for you all to enjoy in your own time. The brilliant version is what covers should be, an interpretation of a classic track by a different artist and Toledo and Co. really make the song their own.

Take a listen below and enjoy this burgeoning bromance.

Fallen Horses (Smash Mouth Cover) by Car Seat Headrest