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‘Call Me By Your Name’ writer recalls Shia LaBeouf audition


Luca Guadagnino’s film Call Me By Your Name became a cultural sensation when it was released in 2017, catapulting actor Timothée Chalamet to international acclaim and success in the films of Wes Anderson and Denis Villeneuve. Starring alongside Armie Hammer, this on-screen duo almost never came to fruition, particularly after Call Me By Your Name screenwriter James Ivory recently revealed Shia LaBeouf’s audition to play Oliver was “sensational”. 

Nominated for four Oscars including Best Actor for Timothée Chalamet, the film’s screenwriter revealed in a new memoir titled Solid Ivory how Shia LaBeouf impressed both him and the director. As Ivory recalls, “Shia came to read for us in New York with Timothée Chalamet, paying for his own plane ticket, and Luca and I had been blown away”. 

Continuing, Ivory remembered, “The reading by the two young actors had been sensational; they made a very convincing hot couple. But then, too, Shia was dropped. He had had some bad publicity. He’d fought with his girlfriend; he’d fended off the police somewhere when they had tried to calm him down. And Luca would not call him, or his agent”.

Elaborating, he added, “I emailed Shia to offer reassurance, but then Luca cast Armie Hammer and never spoke to, or of, Shia again”. 

Fascinatingly, the memoir also reveals how he was dropped as co-director of Call Me By Your Name by Luca Guadagnino without notice. “I was never told why I had been dropped, by Luca or anybody else; it was presented in an ‘it has been decided that…’ sort of way,” Ivory stated.

The writer further recalled, “Luca would be the sole director. I didn’t care all that much. I could see that it might be very awkward sometimes to have two directors on the set. How would it look to the actors and crew if we had a dispute?”.