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Brian May to re-issue 'Another World'

Queen guitarist Brian May is preparing to re-issue Another World, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Back To The Light. The album will be available in a newly-augmented and freshly remastered edition on April 22nd. In the ‘Back To The Tree’ video feature, which accompanies the release of the album, the guitarist returns to the foliage that served as his place of creative refuge. The image for Another World was taken at El Sabinar, in La Dehesa.

“I first saw the tree in a newspaper article, in black and white,” May recalled, “and I thought, ‘what an amazing thing.’ Because I was always…I’m always going through hard times, like emotionally, whatever. And this was a difficult time. And I thought, ‘If I don’t change, I’m going to kind of die in this situation,’ so I have to find ways through.”

The albums Back To The Light and Another World were released after the death of Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury. In his interview with Far Out, May explained that he felt lost when he recorded Back To The Light, but followed the narrative of survival to its ultimate point of conclusion.

The album is notable for ‘Driven By You’, which was a chart-topping hit across Europe, partially due to its connection to a car commercial. His second solo album, Another World, is the last to be officially released under his name, although he has recorded with singers Paul Rodgers and Kerry Ellis in the years since the 1998 album. May acts as joint custodian of Queen with drummer Roger Taylor. Bassist John Deacon has been retired from the business since the late 1990s. Deacon’s last contributions for Queen can be heard on ‘No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)’, which was released in 1997.

In other May related news, the musician announced his intention to appear in an episode of Andy and the Band, where he appeared alongside members of The Odd Socks, the titular group in question. Although the guitarist didn’t write the tune he performed, he admitted that he enjoyed the process of performing it nonetheless.