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(Credit: HBO)


Brian Cox and Sinqua Walls will star in 'Mending the Line'

Brian Cox has been terrific lately as the star of the new HBO hit show Succession where he features as Logan Roy, a media mogul whose family is out to take control of his wealth. Cox brings a much-needed viciousness to the character, providing valuable insights into the psychology of the elite to the mainstream consciousness.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Cox admitted: I’m at a certain age, so I’ve been doing this for a few weeks [laughs] — you’re just grateful to get a role like this now. I always thought, I’m in this for the long game. As long as human beings will get up there and say lines and audiences or cameras show up, I’m in there.”

While talking about the specifics of his character, Cox elaborated on the demands of playing such a complex character at this age: “Logan is sort proof of that particular pudding, in a way. Stick around long enough and you eventually get a role where you think, Yup. This is right. This is what I should be doing right now.”

Cox has been attached to a new project titled Mending the Line, a new military drama directed by Joshua Caldwell with a screenplay by Stephen Camelio. Cox will star alongside the likes of Sinqua Walls as a Vietnam war veteran who helps a young soldier process the unfathomable horrors and traumas induced by war.

“With Mending the Line, Stephen has scripted a beautiful story about overcoming trauma and the healing power of fly fishing — a subject matter very close to my own heart,” Caldwell said. “The film has a rich tapestry of emotion, and I’m excited to be working with Brian and Sinqua to bring these wonderful characters to life.”

See the trailer of Succession, below.