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Brett Goldstein kept 'Thor: Love and Thunder' role a secret from his family

British actor Brett Goldstein has revealed that he kept his surprise appearance in Marvel’s Thor: Love And Thunder a secret, not even telling his parents about what is arguably his most high-profile performance to date. He stars as Hercules in a post-credits scene alongside Zeus, played by Russell Crowe. 

The actor is best known for being one of the writers on the hit comedy series Ted Lasso, in which he also starred as the ageing footballer and fan favourite Roy Kent. 

Now, in a new interview with Entertainment WeeklyGoldstein has revealed that he kept his work on Thor: Love And Thunder a secret from everybody. “I didn’t tell anyone,” Goldstein explained. “I didn’t tell my family. They put a chip in me that would explode if I fucking spoke about it. It was terrifying.”

The actor expressed that he kept it a surprise until the film had been released, when he encouraged his parents to go and watch it in a cinema, without telling them about his short appearance at the end. 

“I sent them a text saying, ‘I’ve just seen Thor! It’s really good! I think you’d enjoy it. You should go,’” Goldstein said. “They went, and my mum kept texting me during the film. I’ve always said to her, ‘Don’t fucking text during the film!’ She’s texting me, ‘This is funny!’ I’m like, ‘Stop texting and watch the fucking film!’”

He continued: “It gets to the end, and like 10 seconds before I’m on, she’s texting me, ‘Russell Crowe’s back on, he’s funny!’ And I went, ‘Look up at the fucking screen!’ I’m like, if she misses this, she’s going to walk out and go, ‘Well, I enjoyed the film. I don’t know why you sent us.’”

However, Goldstein’s parents did spot him, and it made such an impact that now his dad “keeps calling himself Zeus, so that’s an issue”.

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