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(Credit: Graham Tolbert & Crystal Quinn)


Bon Iver shares brand new song 'Second Nature' with Nicholas Britell

Bon Iver - 'Second Nature'

Say what you will about his methods: Adam McKay knows how to drum up interest in his movies.

For example, McKay has an absolutely ridiculously star-studded apocalyptic comedy film called Don’t Look Up that comes out this month. Despite every major star on the planet being involved in this film, McKay’s headlines over the past week have had more to do with his breakup with comedy partner Will Ferrell.

Looking to right the ship is Bon Iver, whose new song ‘Second Nature’ is featured in the film. This is the second Don’t Look Up-related track following Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi’s seemingly contradictory song ‘Just Look Up’ was released a few weeks ago. Sadly, it doesn’t appear as though Justin Vernon, the mad scientist musician behind the Bon Iver name, is featured in the film, unlike Grande and Cudi.

‘Second Nature’ is a collaboration between Vernon and the film’s composer, Nicholas Britell. Britell is McKay’s go-to music guy, having previously composed the scores for The Big Short and Dick. The song itself has Vernon’s signature light as a feather falsetto singing style paired with a big, indie pop/Imagine Dragons-ish electronic rock kind of sound.

This song is exactly what a movie’s film soundtrack song is custom suited for: big, bombastic, slick, and relatively unremarkable. But hey, it’s a new Bon Iver song, and Vernon is having a pretty killer year without having an album from his day job to show for it: he’s got Big Red Machine’s How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last? and nabbed an Album of the Year nomination at the Grammys for his contributions to Taylor Swift’s Evermore. Not bad for a break year.

Check out the video for ‘Second Nature’ down below.