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Bloc Party release new track 'The Girls Are Fighting'

Bloc Party - 'The Girls Are Fighting'

English alt-rockers Bloc Party have returned with a brand new preview of their upcoming sixth studio album, Alpha Games, with the release of a new single, ‘The Girls Are Fighting’.

“There was no specific incident that inspired this song – it was more a composite of lots of things I’ve seen over the years when being in clubs and seeing violence erupt with feuding love rivals,” lead singer Kele Okereke says in a press release. “I’ve always had a slight obsession with those sorts of moments; like a fuse being lit, when actions turn from words into violence. You can learn a lot about who people really are in those moments”.

“I think ‘The Girls Are Fighting’ is kind of self-explanatory – someone’s been selling dreams to someone they shouldn’t have and it’s caught up with them,” Okereke continues. “I just wanted to capture that moment of going from naught to ten in an evening, in a sweaty nightclub. I’m really pleased with the arrangement for this track because it has this 1970s glam rock feel meets Adam Ant feel. I love what Louise is doing on the tom toms.”

I’m always caught on the fence with Bloc Party. Half of me always laments how every single band from the early-to-mid 2000s alt-rock boom, from The Strokes to Arctic Monkeys to Franz Ferdinand and everyone in between, has now largely abandoned rock and roll for pop, electronica, and dance music. But then, the other side of me realises how boring it would be if those bands just kept cranking out the same music over and over again.

But nothing that Bloc Party has released in the past 15 years has intrigued me in the slightest bit. Okereke’s solo album The Waves Pt. 1, released in May of 2021, certainly did. That album was pretty audacious and extraordinary, stripping back Okereke’s signature wit into something far more meditative and insightful. Now, back in Bloc Party, Okereke seems mostly to have just hit the reset button into inconsequential bullshit.

Not that this is an awful song. Any bass-heavy track with loud drums is going to appeal to my senses, but Okereke’s hamfisted lyrics about uploading fights to Worldstar and the general lack of any kind of major hook leaves ‘The Girls Are Fighting’ without much a major chance to make a killer impression. It’s just another Bloc Party track from the more dance-heavy version of the band, and if you stopped listening after A Weekend in the City, there’s nothing here that’s going to pull you back in.

And yet there’s still a part of me that can’t trash this song, or give it a fully negative review, or even dislike it as much as I want to. ‘The Girls Are Fighting’ left absolutely no impression on me, and yet I still find myself defending Bloc Party as a great band. I’m not sure why, but I know I’m still waiting for that one song that proves they were worth resurrecting in the first place. In the meantime, I’m going back to Kele’s solo records and biding my time.

Check out the video for ‘The Girls Are Fighting’ down below.