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Bloc Party return from six-year hiatus with 'Traps'


British indie heroes Bloc Party have returned from over a half decade of hibernation to announce the release of a new album, Alpha Games.

The most recent Bloc Party album we’ve had was 2016’s Hymns, which was the band’s first with members Justin Harris and Louise Bartle. The musicians joined founding members Kele Okereke and Russell Lissack after the departure of the band’s original rhythm section, bassist Gordon Moakes and drummer Matt Tong.

On top of the album announcement, Bloc Party have also shared the first taste of the upcoming LP with the new song, ‘Traps’. An uptempo rock number, it feels like a typical return to form “hey remember us as the rock band you used to love?” type of song. Your mileage may vary on the “lick lick lick” line followed by a pretty gross sounding lick sound, but the song itself makes up for it by being a compelling listen from start to finish.

“From the moment we wrote ‘Traps,’ we knew it had to be the first thing people heard from this album; playing it in soundchecks on our last tour before it was finished and hearing how it sounded in those big rooms and outdoors.”

Bloc Party originally rose to prominence among the indie-rock boom of the mid-2000s where their main competition was contemporaries like Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines. As the band transitioned into a more electronic sound, they began to lose some of the prominence of their early years until Okereke put the band on hold to release solo material, including The Waves Pt. 1 earlier this year.

Check out the official audio for ‘Traps’, plus the Alpha Games tracklisting, down below. Alpha Games is set for an April 29 release.

Alpha Games tracklisting:

1. ‘Day Drinker’
2. ‘Traps
3. ‘You Should Know the Truth’
4. ‘Callum Is a Snake’
5. ‘Rough Justice’
6. ‘The Girls Are Fighting’
7. ‘Of Things Yet to Come’
8. ‘Sex Magik’
9. ‘By Any Means Necessary’
10. ‘In Situ’
11. ‘If We Get Caught’
12. ‘The Peace Offering’