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Bloc Party share new single 'If We Get Caught'

Bloc Party - 'If We Get Caught'

British indie rockers Bloc Party have dropped another new single from their upcoming sixth studio album Alpha Games with ‘If We Get Caught’.

Slick and propulsive, ‘If We Get Caught’ smooths out some of the more frantic and thorny edges that kept previous singles like ‘Traps’ and ‘The Girls are Fighting’ from truly taking off. It’s a relatively straightforward dance-rock number, with Okereke trying to wring the last bit of joy out of a doomed relationship.

“There are only two songs that I feel like have any tenderness on the record, and ‘If We Get Caught’ is one of them,” Okereke shares. “It’s really about recognizing that the game is coming to an end and about trying to steal a moment of tenderness with your partner before the curtain comes crashing down. I think it’s about trying to find moments where you can really connect with someone amidst all of the chaos that’s going on in the world.”

Unfortunately, just like their previous singles, ‘If We Get Caught’ represents Bloc Party stuck between the past and the future. Okereke is clearly itching to move beyond the guitar rock sound that had been the band’s bread and butter in the past, but he also seems acutely aware that most people want to hear Bloc Party strum out aggressive indie rock like it’s still 2005.

Okereke has a great outlet in his solo material, which is actually a lot more fascinating than the most recent Bloc Party material. Comparatively, the Bloc Party songs sound like nebulous compromises, stuck somewhere between arena rock, modern pop, and electronica. ‘If We Get Caught’ is probably the best song of the band’s recent singles, but it’s still nowhere near as engaging and insightful as Okereke can be.

Check out the video for ‘If We Get Caught’ down below. Alpha Games is set for an April 29th release.