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Sean Young's candid Polaroids from behind the scenes of Blade Runner


It would be tiresome for us to list the ways in which Blade R is both the best and most played out sci-fi film in recent memory. The Harrison Ford cult-classic has been the chosen favourite of the movie its release because of the ambiguous plot and apocalyptic nuances.

As such the Ridley Scott-directed film has always been endlessly analysed and re-analysed, by those unreserved and unflattering critics — movie nerds. But perhaps most of all by its own director.

You can imagine our joy then when we found these Polaroids from behind the scenes of the 1982 sci-fi behemoth. The images, though there aren’t as many as we would like, show a softer side to the intelligence that is so often attached to the film. It offers a reprieve from the robotic dystopia the film so effortlessly garners.

Taken by the star of the film Sean Young, the images show behind the scenes frivolity and fun including one particular Polaroid with Young’s co-star, the fantastic Harrison Ford.

The film may have shown that one needn’t drain the colour from the future to show it off as grey, these images show that all the thought and method of actors can leave the room once someone puts a Polaroid camera in your face.

(All images in this articles sourced via Slash Film)