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Paramount make cinema demands for Ang Lee's new sci-fi film 'Gemini Man'

Paramount are urging cinemas to show Ang Lee’s new sci-fi film, Gemini Man, at 120 frames-per-second for enhanced viewing.

Lee, the two-time Oscar winner, has shot his film in 3D at 120 frames-per-second and 4K resolution but has encountered a major issue ahead of its release as most cinemas do not have the effective screening equipment.

Now, Paramount are writing to major cinema chains with instructions on how to bring their projector equipment up to speed, according to reports. “We want to do everything possible to make projecting the high frame rate version of Gemini Man a turnkey experience for you and provide audiences with the latest technological advancement in cinema,” the letter reads. 

The information provided by Paramount is thought to include details on how to conduct an HFR test, explaining that 120 frames-per-second is “most pristine and immersive format” for showing the film.

The film itself, starring the likes of Will Smith, Clive Owen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong, tells the story of an ageing assassin [Smith] seeking to exit his career finds himself going against a younger clone of himself, who can predict his every move.

The visual effects for the picture are being provided by Weta Digital and Supervised by Bill Westenhofer.

The film has been penciled in for a October 11, 2019 release date.