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Billy Corgan's advice for new bands "playing down the street? I would say don’t even bother."


Smashing Pumpkins leading man Billy Corgan has taken to his Facebook page to offer up some advice for young bands starting out and, to put it simply, he suggests you get on the internet and forget about playing shows too soon.

The video he shared on his Facebook page as part of his 30 Day Video project sees Corgan offer up some advice for new musicians after performing a deep Pumpkins cut ‘La Dolly Vita’ as well as chatting with some fans in Texas.

When asked for some advice he said, “If I was gonna give you 60 seconds of advice, I would put your whole focus into reaching people through the internet, the cheapest thing in the world is to create media, and get other people to share it, and then get people to come to you to want XYZ.”

“Build your own media, create your own world. Have people go, ‘Hey, check out this band – they make these really cool videos’, or, ‘They do these really cool live broadcasts once a week.’”

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“Music’s not enough in the two-dimensional space,” he continues. “Let’s say you stitch together 30,000 people who are willing to talk about you, share. Okay, now, out of 30,000 people, if you press your own vinyl record, are 500 people gonna buy it, 1,000 people gonna buy it? At least that gives you one step forward, and you can start to build and work from the model that exists.

“But going out into the world and playing down the street? I would say don’t even bother.

“So, what does that mean? You have to be better, your songs have to be better, you have to be more interesting and you have to move at the pace of the generation that exists. So, hop to it!”

Source: Guitar World