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(Credit: Big Thief)


Big Thief’s Buck Meek confirms their new album is “pretty much done”


Big Thief guitarist Buck Meek has provided a much-needed update on the band’s highly-anticipated new album and revealed the record is “pretty much done”.

The group’s last record, Two Hands, came out in 2019, and since then, the band have gone down different solo routes. Meek released his latest solo effort, Two Saviors, in January, and lead vocalist Adrianne Lenker shared one of the most delectable pieces of music that arrived in 2020 with her Songs and Instrumentals double album.

Meek was speaking to in a new interview, where he revealed that despite their solo ventures over the last twelve months, that hasn’t stopped the band quietly working away in the shadows on their fifth album over this period.

“Lockdown was a well-needed respite, I needed a break,” Meek honestly stated. “And then Big Thief ended up making new music for nearly six months, which was really nice because we’ve been touring so hard we’ve had little chance to record in the last couple of years.”

Discussing the new music, which is “pretty much done”, Meek said the album is “certainly different” from the rest of Big Thief’s material. On top of the Big Thief news, the guitarist also revealed that he’s back in the studio working on his new solo album.