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Better Oblivion Community Center share the brilliant new song 'Little Trouble'


Earlier in the year Phoebe Bridgers and godfather of lo-fi indie Conor Oberst came together to create the project known as Better Oblivion Community Center. Today they share a catchy new song ‘Little Trouble which was only previously released as a limited 7″ vinyl. It’s our Track of the Day.

The split-single vinyl was only available on the pair’s US tour but now we can all enjoy the splendour of ‘Little Trouble’, which is as close to a pop song as these two will ever get. Riddled with hooky riffs and the pair’s perfectly companioned vocals, it’s a triumph. You cna hear it below alongside a ‘daydreamin” version of album track ‘Sleepwalkin”.

‘Little Trouble’ didn’t feature on the self-titled album and hints that new music may also be on the way. We loved the album and found that the two artists in question brought out the best in each other.

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The album, written sporadically over a year but recorded in just one month allows both artists to contribute and coordinate with a touching and engaging vulnerability. Offering an indie spin on Americana folk the pair come together in one triumphant sound.

Oberst, one of the fathers of the indie/lo-fi genre is in fine form creating tangible dream worlds and love affairs that feel continuously vibrating with modern life. Bridgers shows off her unstoppable talent and demands equal billing with her counterpart, displaying why she is so highly regarded in the scene.