The Spotify Singles sessions have provided some brilliant covers of late. Whether it was St. Vincent’s cover of Rihanna or Mac Miller’s tearjerking posthumous effort, they’ve all hit the mark. Now, Phoebe Bridgers takes to the studio to give her cover of the legendary track ‘Friday I’m In Love’ by The Cure. It’s our Track of the Day.

The Cure may be one of the legendary bands on everyone’s lips at the moment with a huge amount of festival shows on their way, but young Phoebe Bridgers can likely bost the same hype right now. As one part of trio boygenius the singer-songwriter is really starting to make waves with her beautiful solo work.

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Evidence of that can be found on the other song recorded alongside the cover, an acoustic version of album track ‘Scott Street’, as is the tradition. She uses her vulnerable vocal and relatable lyrics to make you feel incredibly at ease.

What makes her cover of The Cure so remarkable though is that it feels so much like a Phoebe Bridgers song. It feels more poignant, slightly darker and with an uncontrollable edge it never had before. Take a listen to both below.

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