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Stream: Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers' new project Better Oblivion Community Center drops surprise LP

'Better Oblivion Community Center' - Better Oblivion Community Center

If you had your ear to the ground at the end of 2018 you would have noticed the name Better Oblivion Community Center floating around the social media-sphere. Following the band name to their website only offered you the option to sign up for a 2019 guide.

Little did we all know that Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers were planning something behind that band name. The pair has today released the project into the wild with a surprise LP.

The self-titled debut album is not only a beautifully rich and rewarding listen it is a perfect sunrise highlight of the talent both of these singer/songwriters possess. It’s a gorgeous and golden record.

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The album, written sporadically over a year but recorded in just one month allows both artists to contribute and coordinate with a touching and engaging vulnerability. Offering an indie spin on Americana folk the pair come together in one triumphant sound.

Oberst, one of the fathers of the indie/lo-fi genre is in fine form creating tangible dream worlds and love affairs that feel continuously vibrating with modern life. Bridgers shows off her unstoppable talent and demands equal billing with her counterpart, displaying why she is so highly regarded in the scene.

The album is out now and we suggest you stream it below immediately, then go buy the record physically, then get yourself a Better Oblivion Community Center tattoo. Then maybe eat some nachos or summat, we don’t know?