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(Credit: Best Coast)


Best Coast break through with new song 'Everything Has Changed' ahead of upcoming album


The latest song from Best Coast’s upcoming record Always Tomorrow is a shining example of the band’s incredible talent. ‘Everything Has Changed’ is our Track of the Day and even comes complete with a cinematic video.

Best Coast returned for with their first new music (excluding their children’s album) in November, sharing ‘For The First Time’ and now have released the next single from Always Tomorrow, the album which lands on February 21st.

The track represents a personal moment for the duo’s Bethany Costentino, providing the breakthrough moment during writer’s block following the closing of California Nights. She shared in a press release, “I couldn’t write music. There was so much bubbling inside of me, so many things happening, so much to process, but I couldn’t get any of it out. I was miserable and felt like nothing was ever going to change. One day, I locked myself in my closet and I forced myself to write, and out came ‘Everything Has Changed’.”

Picking up on the track’s engaging pulse of positivity Costentino said the song had a way of guiding her out of her funk, “the song was like a vision of life I wished I was living; ultimately, that song was prophetic — describing the life I would soon be living.” It’s a deeply personal track given all the guts and gusto of a band back in their creative groove.

The album is the first since 2015 and it will be another deeply personal record, “Always Tomorrow is the story of where I was and where I am now, as well as the struggles I am still learning to identify and figure out.” Costentino continues, “This album is about leaving the darkness for the light, but still understanding that nothing is ever going to be perfect. It’s about burning it all down and starting from scratch even when the idea of that is fucking terrifying.”

It’s a passion that permeates through all of Best Coast’s work and with a brand new video that shows off the full range of the band’s vision, this is going to be a special record indeed.

For now, watch the video for our Track of the Day, Best Coast’s ‘Everything Has Changed’.

Source: DIY