Best Coast unveil video for 'California Nights'

US duo Best Coast have unveiled the video for their new track ‘California Nights’, which is the title track from their upcoming album, out May 4th on Vrigin/EMI.

The video is a scenic look at some of the most picturesque views of the desert in the band’s home state. Singer Bethany Cosentino explains: “We related to the idea that things may LOOK or SOUND fun and upbeat, but they may not actually always BE that way – much like our songs.

“A lot of the writing for this record consisted of me getting to know myself again and remembering where Bethany ended and Best Coast began. I took a much needed step back and I was able to breathe deep for a moment and really focus on what I was doing. The end result of all of that, is California Nights.”

The track doesn’t come with the same raw edge as some of the band’s earlier material, or the surf-rock shimmer that was heard on 2012 release The Only Place.

Instead the focus is on soaring reverb and shuddering reverb, with Cosentino really opening up on the vocal.

Watch the video for ‘California Nights’ below.

Patrick Davies