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The best advice Phoebe Bridgers ever received


We all know Phoebe Bridgers as the fully-formed, massively confident Queen of indie rock who smashes guitars and tells David Crosby to eat it on Twitter. But the ‘I Know the End’ singer wasn’t always the kind of one-woman powerhouse that she is today.

During her early career, Bridgers was just another musician playing in bands and trying to find her voice. When she sat down with Spotify as a part of their ‘Spotify for Artists’ interview series, Bridgers got candid about her modest beginnings and how a glib comment from one of her bandmates turned out to be a life-changing revelation.

“The best advice I ever got was from my bandmate Haley Dahl. I used to play bass horribly in her band Sloppy Jane,” Bridgers recalled. “She said, ‘Your greatest ideas are your jokes.’ Like the things that you’re too embarrassed to genuinely say to a room.”

“We took that advice pretty seriously in my band boygenius with Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker,” Bridgers continued. “Julien would regularly put her foot up on the monitor while she was shredding, which started as a joke. One of the things on the new record that started as a joke was I really really wanted like a really guttural metal scream. And I didn’t know how, and I was super nervous. I actually asked Conor Oberst, ‘How do you scream?’ and he was like, ‘What the… what are you talking about? You just do it.'”

“And I did it, and it’s on the last song [‘I Know the End’], which is basically a metal song,” Bridgers concluded. “I feel like, since making that record and taking that idea to heart from Haley, it’s bled into every single other endeavour. Whether it’s a tweet or a record, I think it’s just kind of ‘Trust your instincts.'”

Watch Bridgers break down the best advice she ever got down below.