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(Credit: Callum Harrison)


Beabadoobie shares brand new single 'Lovesong'

Beabadoobee - 'Lovesong'

British indie rocker Beabadoobie has shared the latest single from her upcoming sophomore studio album Beatopia with the gentle and lovely ‘Lovesong’.

“Lovesong is a song that I had bits written for since my second ever EP [Patched Up],” Beabadoobee shares in a statement. “The chorus was actually already written since Loveworm, I just didn’t have any chords to sing it with. It’s actually written in a really strange tuning that I forget. And yeah, it’s just another love song, another sweet love song. It was one of the last songs I recorded for Beatopia.”

In the realm of ‘Lovesong’-titled tracks, Beabadoobee’s effort may not rise to the same heights as The Cure or Lana Del Rey, but it’s a solid entry on the evergrowing list nonetheless. Beabadoobee’s charm isn’t in reinventing the wheel – it’s about taking familiar forms and producing some wonderfully spacey, occasionally biting, and usually charming material. ‘Lovesong’ is just that: breezy, bubbly, and reliably catchy.

There’s not much going on within the arrangement – just Bea, her acoustic guitar, some percussion, and what sounds like a harmonium. A string arrangement and some piano twinkles also come floating in at different points, but it all stays solidly in the background so as not to displace Beabadoobee’s voice.

Anytime she releases an acoustic song, there are bound to be comparisons back to her breakthrough track ‘Coffee’. While a fair amount of casual listeners probably know the sample used in bummed out white guy rapper Powfu’s ‘Death Bed (Coffee For Your Head)’ better, the original track remains Beabadoobee’s most-streamed song in her catalogue. ‘Lovesong’ doesn’t have the raggedy charms of ‘Coffee’, but it’s equally as enjoyable if you’re fully bought into the wacky world of Beabadoobie.

Check out the audio for ‘Lovesong’ down below. Beatopia is set for a July 15th release.