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(Credit: Callum Harrison)


Beabadoobee drops new song '10:36'

Beabadoobee - '10:36'

British pop rocker Beabadoobee has released her latest preview of the upcoming LP Beatopia with the scuzzy new single ’10:36′.

“‘10:36’ was written after Fake It Flowers and just before Our Extended Play, and I had envisioned it to be on that EP, but I was just sitting on that riff for ages and then I properly made a demo during lockdown,” Beabadoobee explains in a statement. “It was called ’10:36′ because that was the time I finished writing it. It’s basically about how I have this weird dependency on human contact to sleep”.

Doubling down on the early-2000s sound of recent singles like ‘Talk’ and ‘Lovesong’, ’10:36′ is a plea for a warm body on a cold night. With choppy electronic drums and a constantly repeating guitar line that sounds uncannily like an alarm clock, ’10:36′ paints a solid sonic picture without ever getting too spacey or challenging.

There’s also quite a bit of flippancy going on here: even when Bea claims “You don’t need me as much as I need you” right off the bat, she only sees this other person as a way to get to sleep and little else. It’s not taunting or particularly mean – it’s just frank in a way that most songs about sleeping together with someone aren’t.

If you’re a fan of Beabadoobee’s particular throwback brand of rock, then ’10:36′ is more of the good stuff that you’ve come to expect. If you don’t, first you need to loosen up a little bit, but then you should listen to ’10:36′ anyway. Although it isn’t exactly the most revolutionary piece of music, it’s another solid single from an artist who is racking up quite the discography for someone who doesn’t even have her second studio album out yet.

Check out the audio for ’10:36′ down below. Beatopia is set for a July 15th release.