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Bauhaus release first single in 15 years 'Drink The New Wine'

Bauhaus - 'Drink The New Wine'

Goth masters, Bauhaus, have shared their new song in almost 15 years, ‘Drink The New Wine’. A heady, almost psychedelic piece, there’s a lot going on, but one thing’s clear, it is brilliant. Listening to bassist David J’s dub inspired bassline in the break, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is actually 1982, and the new track is actually a cut from The Sky’s Gone Out

All of the band shine, and it is one of the most dynamic pieces they’ve ever released. Guitarist Daniel Ash delivers some emotive licks, including the portion of the acoustic guitar, drummer Kevin Haskins drives it along with his varied rhythms and frontman Peter Murphy sounds as powerful as ever.

The song was recorded during lockdown by sharing audio files without hearing what their bandmates had recorded. Bauhaus used the classic Surrealist method, “exquisite corpse” to compose the song, giving it the dynamic, and ever-changing feel that really immerses you as a listener. 

Each of the quartet were given one minute and eight tracks to record vocals and instrumentation with an additional shared 60 seconds and four tracks to finish the song. The only common link was a pre-recorded beat by Haskins. The band explained in a statement that when they heard the final version it was a “synchronistic revelation”.

Paying respect to where they got their inspiration, the title of the track is taken from the first “exquisite corpse”, when André Breton, Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Prévert and Yves Tanguy used the method in 1925 by sharing individual parts for the collaborative piece. 

“[It] included words which when strung together make up the sentence, ‘Le cadaver exquisite boar le vin nouveau’ (‘The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine’),” the band revealed. 

The new single is the band’s first since 2008, when they released their long-awaited fifth album, Go Away White, and then announced their breakup. Bauhaus made their return to the live circuit in 2019, and performed in London and Mexico City last year. 

This May, the band are to embark on their first North American tour in 16 years, which will kick off with a headline appearance at the Cruel World festival in Pasadena, alongside Blondie, Morrissey and more. 

Listen to ‘Drink The New Wine’ below.