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(Credit: Leon Piotrowski)


Bartees Strange shares new single 'Heavy Heart'

Bartees Strange - 'Heavy Heart'

American indie rocker Bartees Strange has dropped his latest single, the melancholy and hard-hitting ‘Heavy Heart’.

Following the swirl of thoughts that come from reflecting on the choices you’ve made to get to your current place in life, ‘Heavy Heart’ is the sonic equivalent of kicking out at the universe for being so random and, at times, so meaningless. To bring that swirl to life, Strange brings together a heady arrangement of guitars and drums. It’s a heavy song, but it’s not aggressive – it’s just pure power.

The song’s press release gets a little specific about Strange’s inspiration, specifically the recurring themes of guilt: “guilt for his father’s sacrifices to build a better future for his family; guilt for the recent passing of his grandfather; guilt for the time he spends on tour and away from his partner; guilt for experiencing success while everyone else in his life was suffering after the release of Live Forever during the first year of the pandemic.”

So ‘Heavy Heart’ is instead a cathartic celebration of moving forwards, celebrating the good times while reckoning with the bad. To symbolise his gratefulness, Strange dons the clothes of both his father and grandfather in the song’s video, showing how their influence continues to filter down through him.

It’s a wild mix of personability and good old fashioned rock and roll. ‘Heavy Heart’ is a song for all occasions: if you want to dive deep into the impassioned lyrics and clearly wounded vocal delivery that Strange busts out, there is plenty of emotion to pull out of the track. But if you want to turn off your brain and simply let the song’s wild energy and grandiose indie rock wash over you, then ‘Heavy Heart’ delivers there as well, especially during its explosive bridge.

Check out the video for ‘Heavy Heart’ down below.