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Barrie announces second album 'Barbara' with new single 'Quarry'

Barrie - 'Quarry'

Three years ago, New York-based musician Barrie Lindsay, known artistically as Barrie, graced us with Happy to be Here. It was jangly indie-pop on the dreamy pillow-propped side of the spectrum that remained true to its title and offered up a breezy toe-tapping smile with its head in the clouds but its feet on the ground. 

Now, Barrie has released her latest single ‘Quarry’ to launch the album Barbara which is set to arrive via Winspear on March 25th. And as she states in the press release, the music is set to pick up on the next page of the notebook where Happy to be Here left off. “The album is diaristic, but not in obvious or intimate ways,” she explains. 

‘Quarry’ certainly sounds true to that assertion. The song has the bedroom bound vibe that Tame Impala first popularised, but it never really pours its heart out thereafter, it more so kicks its shoes off and reclines. The image of its production proves fitting too, as for many listeners, it will occupy that exact same space—the unwinding minutes of the day. 

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It is indeed personal, but it doesn’t pine to be pried at. The origin of the album title itself is a paradigm of this. “Since I wrote, played, and produced the album by myself in isolation, with the help of my wife, it felt like it should be self-titled, but maintain that same sense of separation I achieved with the music. Barbara is my legal name, my formal name. No one calls me Barbara except the bank and the government, and odd occasions when my dad inexplicably introduced me that way to friends,” Barrie explains.

The flipside of this is that it does have a rather ‘produced’ feel to it; it is not all that easy to imagine the song outside of the studio, and the floating feeling might drift right by some. Nevertheless, the production in question is crisp and professional and a credit to what artists have managed in this difficult period for making music. It seems evident from what we have heard from Barrie recently that the rest of the album will have a similar feel. 

You can check out the lockdown haircut video for ‘Quarry’ and the tracklisting for the record below. 

Barbara Tracklisting:

1. ‘Jersey’
2. ‘Frankie’
3. ‘Jenny’
4. ‘Concrete’
5. ‘Dig’
6. ‘Bully’
7. ‘Harp 2 Interlude’ 
8. ‘Harp 2’
9. ‘Quarry’
10. ‘Basketball’
11. ‘Bloodline’