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(Credit: Cal McIntyre)


Orlando Weeks brings back a slither of summer with new single ‘Bigger’

'Bigger' - Orlando Weeks

Throughout the year, Orlando Weeks has been dropping a string of sanguine beauties that have served as a top-down cruising boon to the daily grind. With the latest track titled ‘Bigger’, he has offered up another slither of azure blue skies as we head towards doleful winter. However, as Weeks asserts, sun can come into your days in a metaphorical sense too. Besides, he already has Christmas covered with the stunning The Gritterman

“Part of the song is about recognising that a person or people can be your world. And if that person or people is growing up right in front of you then in a very actual way their growth is your growth,” Weeks said of the breezy, harmonica harping, new wave-esque tune. 

Adding: “With a little post rationalising I also realise that the process of making Hop Up was a revelation. Embracing the cloud nine ethos of the album, opened my mind up to a whole area of music that I’d always consigned to being beyond my jurisdiction.” In short, Weeks traverses a dreamscape that brings something giddy and new to his ethereal tones. 

With contributions from Katy J Pearson, Willy J Healey, Ben Reed and Bullion on production duties, clearly, Weeks is evolving towards the David Bowie championed ethos of welcoming others into the fore to share in the alchemically manufactured eudemonia of the creative process.

For a record that is all about celebrating “the now with ebullient pleasure”, this process seems very fitting, especially considering the period of history we are slowly sliding out from under. Tracks like ‘Bigger’ are elevated to new heights as a result, in fact, it builds to a slide akin to the scissors suddenly gliding through the wrapping paper. 

Crammed with honeyed lines like, “Pour me a long cold wine, so deep I sink in it,” and “Under a warm pink sun, we share out the feelings, hope there is more of it to come,” the sweet sound of sepia-toned puppy love soars along upon a bassline so voluptuous that flat earthers are claiming it doesn’t exist.

The track follows on the vibe on ‘Deep Down’ with Weeks describing it as “the all stomping little brother to” that same “head nod”. Also evident in the mix is the cacophonous production flourishes that fleeted their way onto the magnificent Rusted Roots ‘Send Me On My Way’-esque track ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’. However, that is not to say the tracks are samey, they’re just scoops in the same refreshing sundae. 

The record that is set to house these tracks, Hop Up, is due for release on January 14th. Evidentially, I’m a gushy fan, but it is certainly shaping up to be one of the best albums of the winter if the rest of the tracks stack up to the joyful offerings so far. 

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