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(Credit: Banksy Instagram)


Banksy unveils new 'working from home' installation

Illusive street artist, Banksy, has become the latest high profile art to the self-isolation world and the latest installation highlights life in lockdown.

While little is known about the identity of the artist, Banksy has welcomed his followers into his home with his most recent post on social media displaying his work. “My wife hates it when I work from home,” the artist wrote as a caption of an image showing his bathroom.

In a series of images, the now-iconic mouse sketch which has often popped up in Banksy’s work return and run a mock across the bathroom. From counting days in lockdown to squirting toothpaste on the wall, the latest effort is a relatable expression to the amount of time we’ve spent locked indoors.

The artist, whose identity has been speculated for years, continues to deliver his content through the medium of social media and sporadical works that appear in unique locations.

Below, see his latest effort.

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