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(Credit: Alamy)


Painfully awkward footage of Liam Gallagher at his first awards ceremony


Hey, look, I understand: going to any formal ceremony can be stressful, be it music-related or otherwise. I mean, just imagine being poor old Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty when they named La La Land the Best Picture winner at the 2017 Oscars. If there was ever a Hollywood equivalent of saying the wrong person’s name during sex then it was surely that singularly cringe-inducing moment. All things considered, this footage of Liam Gallagher’s first awards ceremony could be a lot worse. Then again, it could be a lot better as well.

If one thing is clear from the footage, it is this: Liam has been on the sauce all night. I can’t blame him either. By the tail end of 1994, Oasis were already the biggest band in the world, and their popularity was reflected in the astonishing number of nominations they recieved following the release of their era-defining debut album Definitely Maybe. Liam, Noel and the rest of Oasis undoubtedly spent much of that night ordering expensive champagne to their table, barely concealing their boredom as the likes of Björk, Meatloaf and Gabrielle took to the stage to accept their awards.

When Oasis was finally announced as the winner of the Best Newcomer award, Liam led the pack onto the stage, swaggering through the crowd with a cigarette pinched between his index and forefinger. When it comes to their acceptance speech, though, it’s Noel who takes to the mic: “I’d like to thank Ray Davies for influencing me. I’d like to thank George Martin for producing the best band there ever was, The Beatles, and I’d like to thank all our parents. Live forever, see ya later.”

Liam’s all-swagger-no-blabber approach continued into the after-party when he sat down for an interview with an unsuspecting MTV employee. “How does it feel to be nominated for so many awards,” she begins: “Don’t feel anything,” comes the reply. She tries again: “Who do you think who should have been nominated who isn’t…” she began, before being stopped mid-question. “No one,” Liam interrupts. By the end of the interview, the poor woman has successfully managed to engage the distinctly non-plussed singer by asking him if he actually takes awards ceremonies seriously, to which he replies: “No, I was bored in Manchester, so I thought I come down here for a drink.” You can’t argue with that.

Make sure you check out the toe-curlingly awkward footage of Liam’s first awards ceremony below.